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Momorita is a reputable ISO Certified brand of simple and traditional tasty frozen foods manufacturing, distribution, and cloud kitchen chain in India operating in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Purulia, and other major cities.

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Business Opportunities

Momorita Mini Factory

Gain exclusive access to produce premium food items for Momorita, backed by their commitment to purchase your products. Set up your Mini Factory under the reputable Momorita Brand and embark on this exciting journey together.Know more

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Momorita Authorized Distributor

Capitalize on the soaring demand for Momorita's renowned momos and related products. Opting for Momorita guarantees a lucrative profit margin. Benefit from Momorita's comprehensive support in marketing and sales at no additional cost. Start your business venture the right way.Know more
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Momorita Cloud Kitchen

Ultra-fast delivery fast food chain. Customers want super-fast delivery, and Momorita's cloud kitchen prepares it beyond their expectations.Know more
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Thank you for choosing to order from us. We have established the following Order & Delivery Policy to ensure a smooth and transparent process for both our customers and us.

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