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Steam/Fried Momos

The reason behind choosing Momorita

Guaranteed Lowest Price

Enjoy high-profit margins with our momos starting from just ₹29 per plate (8 pieces).

We offer unbeatable prices without compromising on quality, ensuring maximum profitability for your business.

Simple & Scalable

Our momo recipe is designed for simplicity and scalability. Customize it effortlessly to create variations like chili momos, tandoori momos, or makhani momos. With our flexible recipe, you can maximize your profit margin and cater to diverse customer preferences.

Polite & Gentle Customer Support

Our user-friendly app makes ordering a breeze, and our dedicated support team is just a call or WhatsApp message away. We prioritize your convenience and guarantee prompt dispatch within one hour, while minimizing unnecessary disturbances.

Simple & Traditional Frozen Momos Supply

- Enjoy authentic flavors with our simple and traditional momo recipes.

Scalable Recipe

- Our recipes maintain the same delicious taste, allowing chefs to creatively incorporate them into their menus.

Supply All Over Purulia & Nearby

- Wholesale delivery available to every corner of Purulia and nearby areas.

Order Directly from Manufacturer

- Experience genuine momos crafted with love and care, as we are direct manufacturers.

Bulk Order Supply to Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels & Events

- Catering to bulk momo needs for various establishments and events.

Guaranteed Less Price than Others

- Experience great value starting from just 29rs/plate or 3.63rs/pcs with our budget-friendly prices.

About Us


Momorita is a reputable ISO Certified brand of simple and traditional tasty frozen foods manufacturing, distribution, and cloud kitchen chain in India. They have over 200 mini factories, 350 distributors, and 1500 cloud kitchens serving in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Purulia, and other major cities.


Momorita operates as a registered proprietorship farm, proudly owned by Shri Satyajit Das Modak. We adhere to all legal regulations and guidelines, ensuring transparency and reliability in our operations.
Our registration number UDYAM-KR-03-0187570 & FSSAI No 21223177001528 further validates our status as a recognized and respected entity.


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Thank you for choosing to order from us. We have established the following Order & Delivery Policy to ensure a smooth and transparent process for both our customers and us.

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